How To Determine What Kind Of Jewelry Your Girlfriend Or Wife Will Like?

Jewelry Your Girlfriend Or Wife Will LikeBuying the perfect gift for a women can be a very difficult task. They are very hard to read and they look for the meaning behind a gift a lot more than a man does. Because of this, it is essential that you put in a fair amount of effort when choosing a piece of jewelry as a gift. But, what are some ways to determine what kind of jewelry a woman will like? Here are some tips to consider…

Determine What Type Of Jewelry They Like

The first thing you need to determine is what kind of jewelry they actually like. Do they like earrings, bracelets, or necklaces? Notice how rings are not included in the preceding list. If you are buying a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend, don’t get her a ring. If it is early in the relationship, there is a good chance you will scare her away. If it is late in the relationship, she might get the wrong idea. A nice set of earrings, a charm bracelet or a beautiful necklace are usually more appropriate.

Listen To What They Say

Sometimes, all you have to do is listen to what your wife or girlfriend has to say. Sometimes, they will come out and tell you exactly what they like. If you are watching a show on television with her and she makes a comment about a piece of jewelry one of the characters is wearing – pay attention. Women have a habit of dropping hints about what they want, especially around holidays and relationship milestones. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. In the end, you don’t really have to worry much about forgetting the hints they drop – most women repeat them over and over again. As long as you can recognize when she is dropping a hint and can divulge it with a certain degree of accuracy, you will never be short on ideas.

Check What Kind Of Jewelry They Already Have

If a woman already has a few specific pieces of jewelry that is similar, there is a good chance that there is something she specifically likes about it. For example, if all her earrings are white gold, there is a good chance that she likes white gold. If she doesn’t have any pearls and never talks about pearls, there is a good chance she doesn’t like pearls. You can try and switch it up and buy her a style of jewelry she doesn’t already have, but you are taking a chance – you have to be sure she will actually like it. It is usually a good idea to purchase a piece of jewelry that compliments something she already owns also – if she has a set of pearl earrings, it may be a good idea to buy her a nice matching pearl necklace. If she has a white gold necklace, a nice white gold bracelet that is similar in style would be a great idea.

Consider What Kinds Of Clothing They Wear

The way a woman dresses says a lot about her taste in jewelry. If she is a casual kind of woman, something fancy and extravagant won’t be very useful to her. If she is into fashion and wears a specific type of clothing all the time, you should try and get a piece of jewelry that will fit nicely with her outfits. Too many men make the mistake of seeing something with diamonds on it and thing a woman will automatically like it. This may be somewhat true, but she will like something that matches the outfits she wears on a regular basis even more.

Consider Where They Are Most Likely To Wear It

It is also a good idea to consider where your wife or girlfriend is most likely to wear the piece of jewelry you buy them. If you never go to any formal events, it isn’t really a good idea to purchase something extravagant that only goes with an elegant dress. If she only wears jewelry on special occasions, it isn’t a good idea to buy her a piece of jewelry that is more suitable for an office environment. Just use common sense. The last thing you want to do is spend a reasonable amount of money on a nice piece of jewelry, only to have it sit in her jewelry box and never get worn. Even worse, you don’t want to put a burden on her and expect her to wear it just because you bought it for her, even if she doesn’t like it.

Ask Them!

Finally, sometimes it is just best to ask them what type of jewelry they like best! Now, this is not really a good idea when you are early in a relationship and still learning about each other, but if you have been in a relationship for a while or are married, you shouldn’t really be afraid to ask them. Don’t straight out ask them, “What kind of jewelry should I get you for a gift?” Ask them in more indirect ways. If you are walking by a jewelry store and see something in the window, stop and mention how nice you think it is. Then, wait for her response. If she agrees, you can get something similar for her. If she doesn’t like it, she will tell you this and tell you what she does like. In the end, if you can get a woman to talk about jewelry, before long she will be telling you exactly what she likes.

All in all, it is best to use common sense when buying jewelry for a woman. There is a good chance that if you get something even remotely close to what she likes, she will adore you. Even if you get her something that she doesn’t really like, but she realizes you put in a reasonable amount of effort in choosing it, she will still greatly appreciate it.