What Are Some Unique Ways To Give Your Woman A Piece Of Jewelry?

Give Your Woman A JewelryThe way in which you give a woman a piece of jewelry is almost as important as the piece of jewelry itself. After all, if you just hand it to her, it won’t be very memorable for her and she won’t feel very special. Women are very different than men, especially when it comes to gifts. They are a lot more emotional and like surprises and excitement. This is one reason why men have such a hard time buying gifts for women and finding the perfect time to give it to them – they just look at the whole situation the wrong way. They need to spend more time figuring out the perfect way to give the gift and not just on choosing the gift itself.

But, what are some unique ways in which you can give a piece of jewelry to a woman? Here are some ideas you can consider.

Surprise Her Out Of The Blue

More often than not, all it takes is a simple surprise to get a woman excited. Pulling out a small box with a diamond necklace or a charm bracelet inside when she least expects it will keep her on her toes. This is especially useful when you are giving her a spontaneous gift. If it’s just another Thursday afternoon and she comes home from work, gives you a huge, a kiss, and then you pull out a diamond necklace, she will freeze and you will leave her speechless. Too many men don’t take this approach because they don’t think it will be significant enough and think that when they give a gift, it must coincide with a special occasion. This just isn’t true – make it an occasion by giving a nice piece of jewelry!

Send It To Her In The Mail

You may be thinking, “Why would I send her a piece of jewelry in the mail? I am right there with her.” That’s the exact reason why – she won’t expect it! Now obviously, you are not just going to send it in the regular mail and have it arrive in a manila envelope – you need to make it special. Consider going to a florist and getting a dozen roses to be delivered with the piece of jewelry. Include a hand written note and she will be very impressed. Ideas like this work very well for Valentines Day or other holidays. If you send her a beautiful gift when she is at work, everyone else will see how special she is to you. That will make her feel really good and she won’t be able to wait until she sees you again to show you her appreciation.

Hide It Somewhere She Will Find It

Sometimes, the best way to surprise her is to have her find it herself. There are many different ways you can do this. If you have been together for a while, you will probably know a few things she does every day. Does she always have cereal the same type of cereal in the morning? Wrap up your piece of jewelry and put it in the place of the cereal box. Does she always look over at her nightstand every time she wakes up in the morning? When she is sleeping, put the piece of jewelry there. Just be creative – it’s not as hard as you may think. If you actually pay attention to your woman and watch what she does, you will see ten or twenty different places where you can leave a nice, small piece of jewelry that she will find.

Put It On Her When She Is Sleeping

This idea takes a steady hand and a lot of confidence. It also helps if your wife or girlfriend is a deep sleeper – if she wakes easily, you may want to forget this one. If you bought her a nice bracelet or a necklace, put it on her when she is sleeping. When she wakes up and finds a beautiful piece of jewelry on her, she won’t know what to think – she will be stunned. This idea isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for something creative and think you can pull it off, give it a shot. What’s the worst that can happen – she can wake up with a handsome man leaning over her with a piece of beautiful jewelry? That doesn’t seem so bad for either party, does it?

Do It The Traditional Way

Sometimes, just giving her a gift at the right time during a romantic evening is the perfect way to do it. While the aforementioned ideas all work very well and will make her remember the moment for a long time, it is easy to overcomplicate things. When it comes down to it, you want her thinking of you and the gift you are giving her – there is a chance she won’t even remember how you gave it to her! If you can work in any of the above ideas, great! But if you can’t or it just doesn’t seem natural, don’t sweat it! As long as you pick out a nice piece of jewelry that has a significant meaning to her, she will love it.

If you get your woman a nice piece of jewelry and give it to her in a unique way, there is a good chance she will remember the moment for a long time to come. In the end, this is what you are trying to do. Sure, women like nice, shiny pieces of jewelry. But, they like the emotions that go along with it, and they want to feel special every time they look at it. You should spend most of your time choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for your woman, but you should also spend an adequate amount of time deciding the best way you should give it to her. When you combine the two together, you will create a moment she won’t forget.