How To Buy A Jewelry for Women?

How to Buy Jewelry for WomenPersonally, I don’t know a single man who is comfortable with buying jewelry. Unfortunately, due to Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, birthdays, and other events, buying jewelry for women is an inescapable part of the lives of most men.

But buying jewelry for her can be intimidating. At first glance, it seems like there is a lot of stuff to know. Furthermore, men are competing against women who have spent their whole lives casually glancing through wedding magazines, or looking through jewelry store windows. Guys simply don’t do that.

Thankfully, there are several easy steps that can guide almost any man through the process of buying jewelry. Regardless of your level of experience, if you stick to these steps, then purchasing jewelry for that special woman will be a breeze.

Step 1 – Determine your budget

Jewelry can cost anywhere from 50 cents to 50 million dollars. What kind of budget do you have for the woman in your life? Would she be upset if you spent six month’s salary on a ring, or would she be thrilled? Is your relationship serious enough to warrant a big purchase? Would you be scaring her off by buying an expensive jewelry gift too soon?

The type of jewelry can also affect how much you spend. For example, pendant necklaces and earrings are generally cheaper than rings and bracelets. Carat count is also important: while it would be nice to give her a 24K ring, does your budget have room for that?

Gold and diamonds are luxury items. If you can’t afford to splurge, consider choosing silver, or other common gemstones. If you really want to cut costs, opt for an artificial crystal, like cubic zirconia, or moissanite. In fact, synthetic diamond technologies have now advanced to a point where they are virtually indistinguishable from authentic diamonds. To avoid embarrassment, tell her that it’s a fake sooner, rather than later.

All of the above factors play a significant role in the cost of a diamond, but consider your own needs. If you’re just scraping by financially, many women would be very upset if you spent a lot of money on a piece of jewelry for them. Above all, try to avoid putting a price on a woman: she’s worth more than that, right?

Step 2 – Choose a type

Figure out what kind of jewelry she wants. When you spend time around her, try to notice which type of jewelry she prefers to wear. Does she usually wear a necklace, or a ring? Would she be happy wearing a bracelet, or would it get caught on too many things?

This next part can be complicated, and is best left to experts (like the women in your life): you need to consider her style before buying discount jewelry. For example, some colors won’t go with anything in her wardrobe. Or, the length of a necklace might clash with her favorite dresses. This is where it pays to be observant: if you want to buy her a necklace, check and see where her other jewelry sits on her neck. When you’re at a jewelry store, a sales clerk will be able to tell you what length of chain that is by simply pointing to the appropriate location on your neck.

Step 3 – Actually enter a jewelry store

Even if you don’t make your final purchase from a retail outlet, it’s a good idea to get a close look at what you’re about to buy. For example, some men will check out products at a number of different stores, and then comparison shop online to get the best deal.

Not only does this allow you to avoid the overhead charges associated with brick-and-mortar outlets, but you also get a good feel for what you’re buying. Just like with any big-ticket purchase, it’s best not to have any surprises when you open up the box.

We’ve already established that guys are clueless inside a jewelry store. However, there are certain important questions to ask. At the very least, these questions will make you seem slightly more knowledgeable, which decreases the chances of a sales clerk taking advantage of your vulnerability.

For example, after you’ve narrowed down your special woman’s specific tastes, ask more quantifiable questions. For example, how is that stone set? Or, how big is that stone? What kind is it? Sometimes, the most important question is, “how much is that one?”

Step 4 – Make the purchase (carefully)

This last step is probably the easiest. Guys are good at comparison shopping: it’s something we have experience with. Similar to buying a TV, or a laptop, browse the internet for the lowest prices. Look for online stores that offer a price match guarantee. If necessary, read reviews of the product. Are there any hidden flaws in the jewelry? Are people complaining about its fragility?

Next, check a store’s warranty and return policies. If you’re buying an engagement ring, and you have any doubts about how your girlfriend will respond to your proposal, you should obviously choose a store with a good return policy. I doubt there’s a worse feeling in the world than having your girlfriend say ‘no’, and then finding out that you’ve sunk thousands of dollars into a personalized wedding ring.

Whether you’re buying jewelry online or in-store, always read the fine print. Is there any catch? If you’re choosing to finance your purchase, make sure you know exactly how much you’ll be paying, for how long, and at what interest rate. You don’t want to get trapped into a plan that suddenly starts to charge you hundreds of extra dollars in payments every month.

If you’ve done careful research, considered the tastes of your woman, and planned your budget accordingly, then you’ve done everything right. At some point, you’re going to have to actually make the purchase.

It’s no secret that jewelry shopping isn’t a man’s specialty. But whether it’s for your mother, girlfriend, sister, or wife, most men will probably need to buy jewelry during at least one point in their lives. Thankfully, if you know her well, and follow our easy steps, then buying jewelry doesn’t feel so intimidating any more. Good luck!