Gemstone Gifts Collection

Gemstone Gifts Collection

Unique gifts from gemstones

Unique gifts from gemstones
Clock 'Swan lake'

      Dear visitors. We are glad to present you the collection of unique gifts from gemstones: keepsake boxes, jewelry boxes, gemstone hand painted pictures, jewelry, candelabras, desk sets, vases, corporate gifts etc.
      In the world there are not a lot of countries where the tradition of processing of gemstones has an old history. It is caused by the different reasons, but the main is occurence of gemstones areas. Russia to this day - the largest on territory the country in the world. Naturally, huge quantities of various semi-precious, ornamental gemstones here are traditionally extracted and processed: malachite, charoite, jasper, serpentine, rhodonite, amazonite, nephrite, agate, dolerite, obsidian, lazurite, petrified wood etc. During centuries the handicraftsmen created and create the unique gifts from gemstones, keepsake boxes, candelabras, stone vases etc. During hundreds years the Russian shopmasters improve the methods of processing of gemstones, create new designs of products. You can be convinced of it, if to search in our catalogue of unique gifts. We are ready to bet - you will spend time not vainly.
      From time to time each person has an uneasy problem - what to present for the family, friends, ladies etc. It is true, that the modern market of unique gifts is top different, therefore it is uneasy to make a choice. We may help you, because our collection is the collection of really exclusive unique gifts.
      There is no such woman in the world which will not find among designs and shapes of our keepsake boxes that keepsake box which is necessary to her. Our keepsake boxes are unique and really nice, therefore in these boxes your wife, mother or the girlfriend with pleasure will keep the jewelry.
Gemstone jewelry       Our candelabras, vases, mantel clocks from gemstones and bronze are the unique gifts too. These wares - the exclusive unique gifts for decorate of interiors are nice, besides they will rise in price with each year.
      We address not only to retail buyers but also to wholesalers. Do not hesitate, if you want, that a collection of unique gifts: jewelry, gemstone hand painted pictures, jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, candle holders, candelabras, vases, desk sets etc. has got on your market and has made to you good profit, write to us. You necessarily will receive these unique gifts according agreements and in time as from any company from USA or Europe.

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